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Looking for a partner to grow your practice?

How we have helped others to do just that:

  1. Unique Google Ad Method
  2. High Converting Facebook Ads
  3. Prospective patient management
  4. Customized Landing Pages
  5. Artificial Intelligence to nurture prospective patients and decrease no show rates
  6. Transparent reporting
  7. Continuous Campaign Optimization

How It Works


Connect for a free consultation to understand our services


Strategize with us to identify how we will best suit your specific needs


Launch the devised strategy and tap into new market segments and acquire new patients


Experience and enjoy continued growth to your patient base and in your practice

Why Optimized Physical Therapy?

Optimized Physical Therapy is a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with physical therapists and being an integral part in growing their practice. Optimized Physical Therapy is backed by years of experience in the healthcare industry which allows for full comprehension of the importance of patient acquisition and retention.

Partnering with Optimized Physical Therapy will increase patient flow and allow for consistent growth in your practice. Sign up for a consultation to understand how a partnership with Optimized Physical Therapy will enable you to achieve and surpass your patient acquisition goals.

Consultations are free and come with no obligation

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